Diederik van der Hoek

Founding Partner

Believes in common sense and doing things right the first time. You can run a business successfully just by doing the work better than your competitors. Keep it simple, be straight and don’t try to do and know everything yourself. There are enough clever people around in this world who like to be challenged and work for you if you give them the means, benefits and create the right environment.

This is what we strive to do at The Offshore Partners, by offering interesting jobs and projects in the offshore and maritime industry. Onshore, offshore and abroad, we help to design, engineer, build and operate offshore vessels. Not easy, with technically advanced vessels, demanding clients, deadlines and budgets and complex offshore projects. Enough to go for but rewarding in the end when a vessel goes for trials and sails out for its first job or successfully completes an offshore installation or pipe-lay job. For the future we will have to rely on the youth.

We will have to share with them our passion for technology, get them interested and offer them proper training. With that, they are most welcome in our industry for an interesting career with many challenges and opportunities. Technology may not seem sexy, but it certainly offers perspective.