Graham Hardie

Global Recruitment Business Manager

Like me, the people working for The Offshore Partners are motivated and driven by the interesting international projects we are involved in. After a lifelong working in various capacities, I consider the most important human aspect to a continuing success to be teamwork.

Complex projects can be carried out by a team encompassing a solid foundation of experience, youthful energy, technical know-how and implementation of modern technology.

A team which can rely on each other’s particular qualities and abilities is paramount to job satisfaction. I’m just there, quite simply, to find the right mix and match of personalities. Taking into account individual intricacies the team members are encouraged to bring our challenging projects to a successful conclusion. The future holds evermore complex and challenging projects.

Target areas for our industry are becoming more remote, the seas deeper, pipelines longer, temperatures more extreme, logistics increasingly difficult, all of which demands a rate of technical innovation that continually forces sector evolvement. Notwithstanding, team spirit is the operative word. Older colleagues can continue to offer support and experience, whilst the younger generation, lucky enough to realise what an exciting future our industry can offer, have years of prospective work ahead.