Josso van Boxtel

Founding Partner

The offshore industry is a constantly changing and developing industry, with exciting and challenging projects. Being a naval architect, especially the maritime side of the work always attracted me. Both the development of vessels and equipment, as well as the operational aspects and installation projects are an adventure to work on.

In fact, I see life and work in general as an adventure. One of the key elements in this line of work, are the people in this industry: all focussed on getting the job done, all with a drive, most of them indeed looking for that same adventure, that challenge, the teamwork. I see it as a privilege to work with them, to be part of a team, to be involved in their projects.

I want to remain humble, nevertheless I’m proud of our teamwork, the spirit we create and the product that we finally deliver together with our clients. Although: there is still a lot to improve. There is a need to develop ourselves in the coming years to become an even better team and to improve our internal communications as such that we make better use of the knowledge and experience available within the team. All leading to providing better services to our clients and raising the company to a higher level. This is what will make the difference in a more competitive market, in an ever-changing world.

We can never stop developing. Issues such as sand oils, shale gas, moving into Arctic areas and working in even deeper waters are bringing more and bigger challenges to the table, making our work in the future an even greater adventure. In order to grow with these changes, we need to ensure that we capture the momentum. We need to keep our technical knowledge in the team continuously growing by sharing, developing and learning from experience. But also keep our eyes and ears open also for new views and insights, and keep an open mind for changes and different approaches. I think that both in the oil and gas industry, as well as in renewable energy, there is a bright market with new areas to explore.